Budget Impact Analysis

Ossian has developed an innovative online framework to facilitate the rapid creation of budget impact analyses.

The framework provides an easy-to-use interface that guides users through the stages of building a budget impact model, defining the target population, competing products, market share predictions and cost offsets.


The framework has been designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. Every license provides an administrator account with the ability to create new user accounts, group users together to match your organizational structure and enforce fine-grained access rules to interventions, scenarios and results. Guest accounts can easily be added to grant read-only access to scenarios and reports to users from reimbursement authorities.

If you need to track changes that other users are making, administrator accounts have the ability to create customized email and RSS notifications that will keep you in the loop.


Access to the inputs and results of analyses couldn’t be simpler. The Outcomes page of every scenario contains a “document collection” tab where the results can be downloaded in PDF or Excel® format and the scenario inputs can be downloaded as XML.


The interface uses state-of-the-art web technologies to enhance the end-user experience in a cross-browser compatible manner. For example, every change in model inputs causes a recalculation to be performed on Ossian’s calculation servers. The results update live in the browser window. Also, updates to the user interface occur via smooth fades and animations to subtly draw the user’s attention to where it’s required.

Versatile modeling

By default, budget impact analyses are performed using a ‘generic’ calculation engine. This supports user-defined or automatically extrapolated disease incidence, relative mortality risks, an arbitrary number of cost offsets with various triggering options and user-defined market share predictions.

However, the modular nature of the platform allows custom data inputs or even custom disease models to be added on request. For example, if it makes sense to account costs linked to progression of a physiological parameter (such as systolic blood pressure or glycosylated haemoglobin), contact us and we'll make those inputs and supporting calculations available to your Ossian account.


We realize that the safety and security of your data is paramount. That’s why all connections to our servers are performed over 128-bit SSL-encrypted connections and user passwords are stored using the SHA1 hash algorithm, rendering them unreadable even to Ossian employees.

The main framework database uses the InnoDB transactional storage engine from Innobase, which minimizes the risk of database inconsistencies and corruption through row-level locking and referential integrity. The primary database is hosted on HP Proliant servers in a Tier 4 data center in Virginia and, to guarantee the safety of your data, it is replicated in real time to a server in California with automatic failover should a hardware or network problem occur.

Bespoke Budget Impact Models

In case Ossian’s online budget impact offerings don’t suit your needs, the Ossian team has extensive experience of creating Excel®-based budget impact models with Visual Basic front-ends. Contact us for more information.

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